The Business Plan Series

Well as all of the readers so far know, I've recently came out with a 5-part instruction of the business plan. It was broken up into 5 parts and was also amongst other posts I've made for marketing and traffic.

So I decided to make a post that will link each step of the business plan that I've provided in ORDER!

Hopefully this will help some of you find all the parts easier.
Here they are in order:
Starting a business plan (Part 1)

Starting a business plan (Part 2)

Starting a business plan (Part 3)

Starting a business plan (Part 4)

Starting a business plan (Part 5)

I hope you've enjoyed this 5-post segment of how to begin writing a business plan.

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Laura Barat said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! Everyone needs a comprehensive business plan in these times just to break even and keep sane! Keep up the good work!