Global Markets

A lot of people these days that have their own businesses have probably thought at one point in time if it would be good to make their business global. Would it be?

If you're considering on making your business internationally known I'd advise a few steps in the beginning process.

1. Is there are market for your service/product like their is in your country? Do you feel it would be successful in another country? These are questions you need to start off asking yourself. You really need to do some economic research on the country and at least view how similar items would sell over there. Research is one of the biggest components of becoming successful.

2. You need to make sure you do some research as well on the cultures that are in the country you want to sell in. Most cultures are quite different from the U.S. Slogans and everything need to be evaluated to make sure they aren't translated to something else in that country.

3. You're going to need some capital as well. Going international with your business, most the time, is a great strategy in maximizing profit as long you follow the procedures correctly. However, in order to make money off it, you're going to need some money to invest. It's not the cheapest to try and make your business global. (Although the internet has been making it a lot easier)

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diamondmum said...

thanks for the tip mate! very helpful! continue to post...

Robin Green said...

You are so right about the research. I would do so much research that my eyes hurt. You have to make sure you know what your doing with things like this.