Starting a Business: The Business Plan (Pt. 1)

Not every business that is successful started with a business plan. Does that mean it should be the same for you? The "business plan" in the picture is a good beginning step to creating a true business plan.

Have an idea? Can you exploit that idea and possibly make revenue from it? If not, try to think of another idea that a market is more of need for.

This is a great beginning, but business plans consist of a lot more than just knowing your idea and finding out if it's marketable. So what's a business plan really consist of?

First thing you need to do is find the product/service you think will sell and you will enjoy promoting. The last thing you want to do is start a business of something you hate. You want to make sure that this is something you're genuinely interested in and want to do.

Once you have this part done you can now decide on a name for your product/service. Think of something intelligent, witty, and unique. The name has a lot to do with how people view your business and what they view it for.

Tomorrow I'll post more on this topic. But for all you future small business owners out there reading this, I want to let this saturate in your head before I continue.

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diane said...

Looks like a great start for a new site

Jesse said...

Thanks Diane, I really do appreciate the nice comment :)

Unbalanced Libra said...

You are sooo right - there is a lot to know about starting a business. I look forward to reading more on this.

jangkrikjr said...

NIce idea. I will learn step by step

FreeMarketJason said...

These posts are very interesting to me because I am a young business student and am wanting to put together my first business. My biggest problem so far is finding an idea that I can start with now or near-term that won't cost me much for startup because being a college student doesn't pay very well lol.