First Step: Targeting an Audience

As said before, marketing can be a very daunting task to normal individuals. So how can you get started on the right foot?
Have you ever heard of a niche? A niche in marketing terms means a specialized market. In other words, if you have something you love to do or blog about and your very knowledgeable in the field you're doing so with, then that's a niche. A lot of things come with identifying what your true niche is. The best thing I or any other marketer can tell you to do is stick by it and keep working hard.

Now it is true, some niches don't have an established market at all. This is something you need to be aware about before trying to make money off the niche that you thought was ever so popular. If you feel you can exploit a new market area with what you're offering to the community, then go ahead and give it a shot. Just keep in mind that the newer an idea is to the public, the harder it is to market it. But then again, isn't the statement big risk equals big return or possibly big loss the truth?

Once you think you found what you're niche is, then it's time to study and analyze for who your target audience is. What is a target audience? A target audience is a specified group of people that will generally follow what you have going. You need to look for people that can relate and overall would use your product/website. An example of this would be how the tobacco companies used to make commercials to young adults to hook them to cigarettes. They used "young adults" as their target audience and targeted them by doing research and campaigning.

Finding your target audience is a key credential and essential in becoming a successful marketer in today's cut-throat business. Without having that, how are you going to know who to market to? Marketing to everyone will take way to much time and overall way to much money, which is something not a lot of marketers can risk these days.

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